If you’ve found what seems like the perfect home for your family, you may be preparing to make an offer. Waiting can feel stressful because you’re not certain if the seller will accept your bid. Here are some tips to help you get your offer accepted.

Increase the Chances that You’ll Get Your Offer Accepted

Pay with Cash if Possible‏

‏If you have the cash to pay for the property, you can speed up the entire closing process. Cash offers are much more attractive to sellers because there is less risk of the sale falling through. You may need to show proof of funds with something like a bank statement, but this often helps quite a bit to get your offer accepted.‏

Get Your Offer Accepted with an Experienced Agent‏

‏When you’re ready to buy a house, link up with a real estate agent who has a great track record of successful transactions. The more experienced they are, the better their advice will be. Your agent understands the local market and knows what homes in the area are going for. A realtor will help you make an offer that will be noticed by the seller.

Make a Bigger Down Payment to Get Your Offer Accepted‏

‏If you want to make your offer more appealing to the seller, make a more substantial down payment. Not only does this show that you are a serious buyer, but it shows you are in a good financial position and that the likelihood of the sale falling through is diminished. ‏

Submit Your Bid Early

‏‏Some sellers set a review date and all offers will need to be submitted by this deadline. A great way to stand out from your competition is by getting your offer in early. The seller will have longer to consider your bid and you may be the first to get their attention. If the offer is fair, an early offer may be accepted, especially if the homeowner is hoping to sell the property quickly.

‏To get your offer accepted, it helps to stand out. Speak with your realtor about ways to do that. Know your budget and get your offer submitted as soon as possible to grab the seller’s attention.

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