Every homeowner will need to make the occasional repair. So that you’re prepared to tackle home maintenance, assemble a basic tool kit. You’ll add to your collection over time, but start with these essential items so you can handle minor tasks. Here are a few tools every homeowner should have on hand for DIY projects.

1. Hammer

Every household needs a basic hammer and the best all-around tool is the claw variety. Claw hammers have a striking surface on one side and the other side is curved with a split “claw” down the middle. To extract a nail, slide the claw underneath the nail and leverage the hammer to remove it.

2. Screwdrivers

Every homeowner should have a set of screwdrivers or a screwdriver with interchangeable heads. There are two standard tips: Phillips head and flathead. A good beginner’s set should include both types of tips in different sizes.

3. Tools Every Homeowner Should Have: Pliers

There are many types of pliers to choose from. Two basics include the slip-joint version with a straight tip and needle nose pliers, which have a pointed end. Some types have cutting blades that are like steel scissors but are used for cutting wire.

4. Crescent Wrench

A crescent wrench can sometimes be used in the place of pliers. These wrenches are made for twisting and you may need one to shut off the water in case of a plumbing leak. A wheel control opens and closes the jaws, so whether you have a small or big job, you can adjust the tool to meet the demand. A good basic crescent wrench size for homeowners is 10 to 12 inches.

5. Utility Knives are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Utility knives can tackle many household jobs. They can cut rope, break down cardboard boxes, and slice open packaging. The blade retracts inside for safety. Some knives have replaceable blades, which means you will never get caught with a dull one. Single blade models are disposable and relatively inexpensive.

6. Measuring Tape

A tape measure will help you measure for drapes, replacement parts, relocating or buying new furniture, and other tasks. They range from small pocket-sized models to industrial lengths. A reasonable length for a homeowner is 25 feet.

You’ll Need a Toolbox for Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Once you have gathered all your supplies, you will need a toolbox. Keep your tools stored together so you can easily find the things you need when it’s time to tackle home repairs.

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