Babyproofing your home is essential to lower the risks of accidents, injuries, and mishaps. Spend some time making your living spaces child-safe before bringing your newborn home. You may also want to babyproof if close friends or relatives with young children visit often. Keep little ones safe and secure by following these tips to babyproof your home.

Create a Safe Room for Your Baby

In your baby’s room, keep the furnishings minimal to make it safer for a curious child. Protect your little one by installing outlet covers, furniture brackets, and a doorway gate. Keep thick blankets and toys out of the crib.

It’s also a good idea to purchase and install baby gates in the dining room, kitchen, and at the top and bottom of any staircase.

Lock Up Household Chemicals to Babyproof Your Home

Store hazardous chemicals and other toxic products on shelves that are out of the baby’s reach or in locked cabinets. Take an inventory of your home and look for things like herbicides, medicines, cleaning products, cosmetics, and alcoholic beverages. Safely store these products in a locked cabinet or up high and out-of-reach of children.

Some houseplants are toxic to children and pets. If you have plants in your home, do some research to determine which ones are safe for children. You might offer plants that aren’t safe to a friend who doesn’t have kids or pets. Otherwise, find a way to display the plants well out of a child’s reach.

Boost Electrical Safety

Infants and small children are naturally curious. Crawling babies may put themselves at risk by putting fingers or small toys into electrical outlets. Protect outlets with plug-in outlet covers. Unplug any electronics that aren’t being used and tuck the cords safely out of the way. Don’t use extension cords, as they pose a tripping hazard, especially for toddlers who are just learning how to walk.

Pool Safety Gates

If you have a pool, take precautions to keep children safe around the water. Install pool safety gates to keep children out of the pool area and add childproof locks to secure doors that lead to the pool. Use a pool alarm that sounds when someone enters the water.

Babyproof Your Home with Fireplace Guards

If your home has a fireplace, install a cushioned guard to make the surface softer and safer for small children. Use a baby gate or install a screen or doors on the fireplace.

Make Sure Window Blind Cords are Out of Reach

Window blind cords are dangerous because babies can become tangled in them. Use a hook to keep cords tied up and out of the way. Even better, replace your window blinds with safer, cordless options.

Babyproofing your home will boost safety and give you peace of mind. Use these tips to help prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

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