Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom, here are a few ideas for a DIY bathroom remodel. Improvements will boost property value and make the space more attractive and functional. You can tackle these projects yourself and save money in the process.

Use Houseplants for Your Bathroom Remodel

Houseplants create a calming bathroom oasis and also act as natural air purifiers. Choose plants that thrive in the humidity of the bathroom, are easy to care for, and will grow well in your lighting conditions.

Add a Bathroom Rug

A rug adds color and comfort to a chilly bathroom floor. You’ll find bathroom rugs in material like plush cotton, terry cloth for absorbing moisture, bamboo mats, and memory foam rugs for comfort. Rugs are great for adding texture, color, and warmth to the bathrooms in your home.

Functional Decor is Important for Your Bathroom Remodel

Decorative shelves and a bathroom mirror are a great way to add visual interest when updating the bathroom. Place mirrors above cabinets, on walls, or even in corners as accent pieces. Use decorative shelves to store hand towels and body care products and to display artwork and plants.

Use Color to Update the Bathroom

Adding color is an easy way to upgrade your bathroom without having to spend much money. Use paint, wallpaper, or just fun decorative items to get started. Choose a color to accent the space and install a backsplash behind the sink.

Replacing Bathroom Hardware and Fixtures

Replacing the fixtures is a project anyone can do with basic DIY skills and a bit of free time. Whether it’s replacing outdated faucets or installing a new water-saving showerhead, the upgrades will modernize your bathroom and help to reduce the water bills.

DIY bathroom remodeling is a great way to save money and get the look you want. Before beginning your project, determine a budget and decide what type of look and feel you’re going for. Mark dates on your calendar to set aside time for getting the work done.

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