Prepare the Lawn for Winter with These Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

‏As October fades away and November approaches, it’s important to winterize your lawn. These 5 fall lawn maintenance ‏tips will give you a solid start for a healthier and greener lawn come spring.

‏Clearing Debris

If you have trees or a garden, clean up the surrounding areas. Trim overgrown plants and rake up leaves and other debris. This will keep moisture from getting trapped in the lawn, which can cause fungus and weaken or kill your grass.

One Final Cut for Fall Lawn Maintenance

An important but overlooked practice for fall lawn maintenance‏ ‏is to complete a final mow for the season. Lower the blades shorter than you would for summer. Mowing too low will risk exposing the roots of the grass to insects and frost, so aim for a height of around 2 ½ inches. Mowing at a lower setting will make aerating your lawn easier.

Aerate for Easier Fertilizer Absorption

‏Once you’ve cleaned up your lawn and mowed it for the final time this year, continue through the rest of your fall lawn maintenance by aerating, fertilizing, and overseeding. Aerating creates small pockets in the soil, allowing fertilizer and seed to be better absorbed by your lawn. More moisture, air, and nutrients in your soil will result in a healthier and fuller look come the following spring.

Fall Lawn Maintenance‏: Add Fertilizer

‏Fertilizer will stimulate root growth before winter sets in. It’s important to do this several weeks before the first frost to have the maximum impact. This will strengthen your lawn’s ability to fight disease and will also help your lawn recover from a hot, dry summer.

Overseed to Encourage Growth

‏One final tip for your fall lawn maintenance plan is to overseed, an important task that’s often ignored. The cooler weather is perfect for seeds to germinate. Overseeding is a good idea when your grass appears to be thinning out or you have patches of dead grass where there is no regrowth. This practice allows you to introduce newer types of grass seed that are better able to withstand the extremes, no matter what season you’re in.

Follow These Best Practices for Fall Lawn Maintenance

‏Clearing debris, mowing a final time, aerating, fertilizing, and overseeding your lawn are five fall lawn maintenance practices that will guarantee a healthier lawn come spring. Even if you do just a few of these steps, you’re setting your lawn up for success in the spring.‏

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