A backyard fire pit is a cozy place to spend time with family and friends. Read our article to learn four important things about fire pit safety.

Build a Border for Fire Pit Safety

A fire should be neatly contained inside the fire pit. Not only may people and pets accidentally step into the fire, but flames can get out of control when there isn’t a fireproof border.

When building a stationary fire pit, put down a layer of gravel or sand first. Use rocks, bricks, or cement pavers around the pit to contain the fire. Remove any vegetation growing within 10 feet, and make sure your fire pit is located well away from buildings and trees.

Only Burn Appropriate Materials

Most fire pits are wood-burning but you may have one that is fueled by propane. As tempting as it may be to toss a used napkin or paper cup into the fire, it’s not a good idea. These items could send up embers that start fires elsewhere on your property. Only burn seasoned hardwood in a wood-burning fire pit and never throw garbage into the fire.

Dress Appropriately for Fire Pit Safety

During fall, you might put on layers of baggy clothing or cover up with quilts and blankets to stay warm as you sit around the fire. Be careful about what you choose to wear.

If you will be tending to the fire yourself, wear something snug. Anyone who will be roasting hot dogs or s’mores should dress the same way. Loose clothing can easily ignite as you lean just a little closer to the fire.

Make Sure Your Fire is Safe

An evening around the fire pit may follow watching a ball game or enjoying a meal together. While you’re eager to get the fire going, don’t use accelerants recklessly. Kerosene, gasoline, and other petroleum products should never be used to light a fire pit. The traditional method of newspapers and kindling is the safest way to start a fire.

Fire pits are a great focal point for entertaining or just spending time outdoors with family. It’s important to be careful and avoid fire-related accidents. These tips for fire pit safety will help ensure that your cool autumn nights aren’t interrupted by an injury or uncontrolled fire.

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