There are many different types of flooring materials, ranging from classic hardwood to tile and carpet. Each type has its own benefits and care requirements. Learn about your options so you can make an informed choice. Continue reading to know which type of flooring is right for you.

Bamboo Flooring Materials

Bamboo is a wood-like grass that grows in a range of climates. Similar to wood, bamboo comes in many varieties. Bamboo is commonly used in contemporary design and is often more affordable than its wooden counterparts. However, bamboo flooring is not as durable as wood and will easily scratch.


Hardwood flooring is a classic and popular option. It complements many types of furniture and décor. Hardwood is very durable and, with care, will last decades. However, this comes with a high price tag as it is one of the more expensive flooring options available.

Engineered Wood Flooring Materials

Another type of hardwood flooring is engineered wood, which is made up of a thin layer of wood sealed to a thicker layer of plywood. Engineered wood will save you money compared to traditional hardwood while still adding value to your home. It’s a strong, long-lasting product that’s easy to clean, but will require occasional refinishing to keep it looking its best.


Tile is most frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens because it’s waterproof and easy to clean. Tile comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, and can be matched with any décor. Tile comes in ceramic, porcelain, or even stone. Installing tile is a laborious process, so is best done by a professional.


Carpet is the softest flooring material option so it is great for bedrooms and playrooms. Many times, you don’t have to remove the previous flooring, as carpet can be installed over most anything. Carpet can be difficult to clean, especially if it gets stained. It is also likely to harbor mold if it gets wet.

Choosing the right material for your floor is important. Each type of flooring has its pros and cons, so consider your budget, style of the room, and the difficulty of installation.

When you’re shopping for new flooring materials, keep an open mind to the options that are available so you can choose something you’ll be happy with now and in the future.

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