The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in any house when it comes to return-on-investment. A great, functional kitchen makes cooking enjoyable and practical. It’s no surprise that most homeowners focus on the kitchen when renovating their homes. Kitchen upgrades increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell. If you’re looking to update your kitchen, check out these kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Change the Cabinetry

More than half of all the homes in the United States were built before the 1980s. If your kitchen still retains fixtures and furnishings from this period, they’re likely drab and dated. Redoing the cabinets in your kitchen will immediately improve how your kitchen looks. You can sand and paint or stain the current cabinets, or take them down and replace them altogether.

Update the Walls

Many kitchens have plain white walls or more neutral tones. While this is clean and timeless, you may want to get more creative with the interior paint. Try a bright yellow or green wall color to make the kitchen feel more lively. If you’re not sold on bold paint, install a backsplash for some texture and interest. Add some shelves and hooks to the walls so you’ll have more than enough space to store your kitchen essentials.

Invest in New Appliances

Update your kitchen with new appliances that are more energy-efficient and have a modern design. Stainless steel appliances are most in-demand today. They go well with other kitchen design ideas and are easy to wipe clean.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Install an Island

Buying and installing an island is one of the kitchen design ideas that pay off almost immediately. An island adds more counter space in your kitchen and can double as your kitchen table. It also creates a focal point in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen with limited space, an appropriately sized island will help make it more functional.

Add More Light to the Kitchen

Poorly lit kitchens are difficult to cook in. If yours doesn’t let in enough light, increase the size of the windows during your next kitchen remodel. Install pendulum lights and track lighting to give your kitchen plenty of light. This will improve your kitchen’s aesthetic and give it an elegant look.

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