Relocating to a new home when you’re on a budget can feel stressful. The expenses involved add up and may lead to unnecessary worry. However, you can cut back on these costs by being creative and frugal and by planning ahead. Here are helpful tips for moving on a budget.

Don’t Pay for Boxes When Moving On a Budget

Boxes are an integral part of moving, which is why most moving companies charge for them. Buying boxes is not necessary when there are plenty of ways to obtain them for free. Save money by collecting empty boxes from your workplace. Ask friends or relatives who have moved recently to give you leftover boxes and moving supplies. You can also look for free boxes at your local grocery or liquor stores.

Compare the Costs of DIY to Professional Services

If you’re moving on a budget, don’t assume that moving yourself is less expensive than hiring movers. Many people make this mistake and later realize they spent more money renting a moving van than they would have paid for a professional moving company. In addition, moving by yourself is stressful and tiring. Call around for quotes from movers and consider the costs compared to packing and renting a truck on your own.

Avoid Moving During Peak Times

One thing that will significantly affect the cost of your move is when you schedule it. Just like wedding venues are in higher demand on the weekends, moving during the most popular times of the year will be more expensive. The summer months are the peak time for relocating because of the pleasant weather. If you have a flexible schedule, save money by moving during the off-season.

Declutter, Sell, and Donate

To make extra cash for your move, get rid of unneeded items by offering them for sale. Hosting a yard sale helps eliminate things you don’t want while you earn cash. Spend the money made during the sale on moving expenses.

Donate or throw away the things that do not sell. You’ll have fewer things to move. The less stuff you take with you, the cheaper and easier it will be to move.

Shop Around When Moving on a Budget

Shop around to make sure you’re getting the best rate, especially if you’re moving on a budget. Don’t settle for the first quote you receive, as this limits your options and could be expensive.

Compare quotes from several moving companies to determine which can offer you a better deal. Ask for a fixed quote instead of an estimate. Also, inquire to learn precisely what the fee covers. Look for hidden costs to avoid paying more than you budgeted for the move.

The above tips will help you save money and reduce stress throughout the moving process.

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