Most of us use our garages for multiple purposes. Besides parking cars, it’s used for storage, a workshop, and maybe even a home gym. But, things can get out of control over time. Use these five ways to organize your garage and make the most out of this additional space in your home.

1. Add Plywood to the Walls to Organize Your Garage

This inexpensive trick will make your garage walls more versatile. Simply fasten a sheet of plywood over the drywall and exposed studs. Now you can screw in hardware anywhere, not just at the studs.

Hang wire shelving, baskets, brackets, hangers, and more. First, sketch out your plan on paper while considering the items you want to store. Then visit your home improvement store for the needed supplies. As your needs change, you can unscrew, remove, and rearrange your storage system.

2. Organize Your Garage with Handy Hooks

At your local hardware store, you’ll find specialty hooks designed to hold certain tools and toys. Claw-style hooks can be used to hang bicycles. You can also spend a little less and purchase simple screw-in hooks. Use these hooks anywhere on your plywood wall or on the studs, rafters, and ceiling beams. This is an inexpensive way to organize your garage.

3. Labeled Storage Bins

Many people use plastic storage bins for a variety of things from seasonal decor to sports equipment and more. But even with the clear plastic types, it can be hard to tell what’s inside. Make things easier to find by color-coding and labeling the bins with their contents.

4. Build a Garage Ceiling Track

Now that you have your storage bins filled and coded, organize your garage with a ceiling track. This an easy DIY project that will keep bins off the floor and give you more room in the garage. This article details how to build one of these in your garage. Use the ceiling track for storing bins that contain lightweight items.

5. Organize Your Garage with Pegboards

Pegboards are also a handy way to organize your garage. Use them to hang small tools and other items above your workbench using hooks of various sizes. Pegboards are usually made of wood, but they’re also available in metal and plastic.

6. Make Use of High Spaces and Corners

Install cabinets or shelving near the ceiling for storing seasonal items like camping gear and holiday decorations. Use a ladder for easier and safer access. Take advantage of the corners by building or purchasing shelving that fits into them to help organize your garage.

Use the corner shelves to store car care products, paint, and smaller items that tend to get lost in cabinets. The top two shelves are great for storing chemicals to keep them out of the reach of young children.

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