A new fence can improve your property in a number of ways. A well-designed fence boosts property value and makes your home more desirable to future buyers. It can protect your belongings and loved ones while keeping intruders out. Some fences are designed to provide privacy while others add curb appeal. However, a poor fence design can have a negative impact on your property. Following a few planning tips for a new fence will give you better results.

Why Planning Tips for a New Fence Matter

Your new fence style and location determine the benefits it provides and can affect your relationship with your neighbor. Following these planning tips for a new fence can simplify the process of choosing and installing this investment in your property.

1. Research Materials

Fencing materials include wood slats, chain link, stone, and more. Each material can impact the look of your home in different ways and offers unique benefits. Understanding the benefits and cost of different materials is essential as you begin planning for your new fence.

2. Think About Gate Location

When you begin researching planning tips for a new fence, you likely already know the goals that you want to achieve from this project. Every fence will have at least one gate. The gate provides accessibility in and out of the enclosed space, so its location should be selected carefully. Along with the gate location, think about its width and which way the gate will swing open.

3. Create Your Budget

Your fencing project cost will be based on the size of the perimeter, the height of the fence, the number of gates, the materials used, and even the slope of the land. These factors can be adjusted as necessary to control the cost of your project. Labor costs from different contractors vary. You may even choose to save money by completing the installation work yourself.

As with any home improvement project, you should get at least three different quotes from contractors. Because your budget will determine numerous aspects of your project, it should be set early on in the process.

4. Discuss With Neighbors

Some fences, such as those around a dog run or a vegetable garden, are located entirely within your property’s boundaries. However, many fences border along at least one neighboring property. Before installing a fence, discuss your plan with all affected neighbors. It is considerate to ask your neighbors’ preferences for fence characteristics if it will be touching their property.

These planning tips for a new fence can help you to set the wheels in motion for a fence that meets your needs. Begin planning for your fence by defining its specific purpose and the goals you wish to achieve.

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