Summer is here and many families are making vacation plans. Along with having the car serviced and packing your things, you should also prepare your home before vacation. Take these steps so you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your home is safe and secure.

How to Prepare Your Home Before Vacation

There’s a lot to do before a vacation, and packing your clothes and personal items is just the beginning. You’ve probably created a packing list and made travel arrangements weeks in advance, but have you made plans to get your house ready?

If not, here are five things to help prepare your home before leaving for vacation.

1. Put a Temporary Stop on Mail and Newspaper Services

One of the telltale signs of an unoccupied home is newspapers piled up in the driveway or front porch or a mailbox that is overflowing with mail. Put a temporary stop on your mail, newspapers, and other subscriptions for the dates that you will be on vacation.

You can also allow the deliveries to continue and have a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member come by to collect the mail. In fact, having someone come by the house daily is a great move to help keep your home secure while you’re away.

2. Arrange for Someone to Water the Lawn and Plants

Wilted flowers and overgrown weeds are also a signal that nobody is home. If you have someone picking up your mail, ask them to water your plants, too. If you use a landscaping service, have them continue to perform their normal lawn maintenance while you’re away.

3. Make Sure Pets Are Looked After

Most pet owners are responsible when it comes to caring for their pets and make boarding arrangements well in advance. But if this is your first time leaving your home for an extended trip, you might not have planned for pet care. Ask a friend to pet-sit or hire a pet sitting service like to make sure your pets are well-cared for while you’re gone.

4. Set Timers for Lights and TV

Prepare your home before going on vacation by setting timers for lights and TVs. Like the other steps above, this will give the impression that your home is occupied.

Don’t leave the radio, TV, and lights on constantly. That’s a good indication that nobody is around since it isn’t normal for these things to be on 24/7. Leaving lights on also wastes energy while you’re away.

5. Check or Install Security Systems to Prepare Your Home Before Vacation

Check that all your doors and windows have functioning locks. Make certain your alarms and security cameras are working properly. If you subscribe to a monthly home security service, let them know about your trip ahead of time so that they can inspect your system, if necessary. If you don’t have a security system, your upcoming vacation may prompt you to install one.

When traveling this summer, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your home. Follow these five tips to prepare your home before going on vacation, and you’ll feel peace of mind to relax and enjoy your adventures.

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