If you have an unused basement, it may be time for renovations. With a few simple improvements, you can turn your basement into extra living space for the whole family. Here are a few basement upgrades to improve the area.

1. Add a Bathroom for Basement Upgrades

Adding a bathroom will not only make your basement more livable, but it will also increase the value of your home. If you need help adding a bathroom, hire a professional contractor to help you with the plumbing and electrical work.

2. Install Egress Windows

You’ll need to install egress windows to make your basement more livable. Egress windows are required by most building codes for a room to be considered a bedroom. Not only will this improve the livability of your basement, but it will also make it safer in case of fire or another emergency.

3. Finish the Walls and Ceiling

Finish the walls and ceiling to make your basement feel like part of your home and less like an unused space. Either hire a professional contractor or do the work yourself if you’re handy with tools. Either way, finishing the walls and ceiling is a great way to improve the look and feel of the space and a significant step toward making the downstairs more useable for your family.

4. Basement Upgrades: Add Light

Most basements are dark and dreary, so adding light will brighten the area. You can install new light fixtures or boost the lighting by using mirrors or reflective surfaces. Whichever option you choose, additional illumination will improve safety and visibility in the basement.

5. Paint or Stain the Floors

Concrete floors are bare and boring, but with paint or stain, you can easily upgrade them and give the space some personality. There are products primarily designed for concrete flooring. Choose a bold color or go with something more subdued, but a stained or painted floor will help the space feel more complete.

These are just a few simple ideas for upgrading your basement into extra living space. While some of these upgrades may require the help of a professional contractor, others are relatively easy DIY projects that any homeowner can handle.

When deciding whether or not to call for professional help, consider the project’s complexity and your skill level and comfort with tools and home improvement projects. Painting or staining concrete floors is something most homeowners can tackle on their own, but adding an egress window would require knowledge of building codes and the home’s structure. No matter which upgrades you choose, get creative and have fun turning your dull basement into extra living space the whole family can enjoy.

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