All homeowners want to protect their homes from home invasions and theft. Today, there are more solutions than ever to improve home security. Here are 6 ways that you can protect your home.

Motion Sensor Lights Improve Home Security

Motion sensor lights are effective when it comes to home security because they illuminate the exterior of the home whenever they sense movement. Someone trying to sneak around your home and gain entry will be startled by a light turning on and likely leave your property.

Landscaping Matters

Burglars don’t want to be seen when they are trying to break into a house, so they favor properties that are dark with bushes and shrubs that they can hide behind. Overgrown properties attract more thieves, but there are types of plants that you can add to deter burglars. Bushes with thorns placed outside of ground-level windows make it difficult for someone to climb inside. Some great options to plant are Holly, Acacia, and Blackberry bushes.

Improve Home Security with Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are a newer development in home security technology. These cameras allow the homeowner to monitor the front entryway remotely so they can see who is at the door. They are also useful in preventing and dealing with package theft. You can view the footage through an app on your phone.

Security Cameras

You may want to install security cameras around other areas of your home besides near the doorbell. Consider installing them on the exterior wall near back and side entrances, by the garage door, and aimed at any outbuildings that contain valuable items. Indoor cameras can help you track down a burglar and help you document stolen belongings for insurance purposes.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system for doors and windows alerts the authorities to respond quickly to a burglary. Also, a burglar is more likely to run away once an alarm goes off. Set alarms when you are away so that if there is a break-in, an alarm will sound immediately.

Neighborhood Watch Group

Joining your neighborhood watch group helps you get to know your neighbors and look out for one another. You’ll have a network of people that will keep an eye on your home and they can expect the same from you. If there is no neighborhood watch in your area, get together a few neighbors and start one.

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