High winds can wreak havoc on a property. Taking preventive measures in advance will help protect your home from wind damage. Some severe storms develop quickly, so follow these tips to ensure your home is prepared and protected.

Use the tips below to protect your family and house during severe winds and storms:

1. Know About Potential Threats to Protect Your Home from Wind Damage

If high winds are in the forecast, take a quick walk around the perimeter of your house to look for any potential risks in strong winds. Things like loose branches or pieces of a broken fence may break free and damage your property. Trim overhanging trees and remove any other potential threats ahead of the storm.

2. Anchor Loose Objects

Tie down and secure outdoor appliances and furniture. Outdoor items can become projectiles when the wind is strong enough, from patio furniture and barbeque grills to sports equipment and tools. Move them inside if possible, or bolt them to the ground to secure them during the storm.

3. Cover Your Windows to Protect Your Home from Wind Damage

Protect windows with impact-resistant shutters. If you do not have shutters, plywood is a practical and inexpensive way to protect your windows in high winds. Alternatively, invest in new windows made of high-impact glass. This glass is thicker and reinforced to withstand severe weather.

New windows also provide other benefits like lower energy costs and sound insulation. Another option is adding storm windows to your home during the stormy season.

4. Secure Your Roof

Your roof can sustain extensive damage during high windstorms. Newly installed roofs are generally less vulnerable to severe weather events, but if your roof is five years old or more, have an inspection to identify any weak areas. Use fasteners to secure your roofing and siding to the home. Hire a roofing contractor to add braces to your roofing system to keep your home and family safe.

5. Plan Ahead

One of the most proactive steps you can take to protect your home from wind damage is planning. Unexpected storms will be less of a concern if you have taken the appropriate steps to protect your home from wind damage.

Summer and fall are known for severe storms, some tropical with hurricane-force winds, so now is the time to take the appropriate measures. When a heavy storm hits, you’ll be glad you secured large objects in the yard and reinforced your windows and roof to better hold up in adverse weather.

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